Radon Testing

South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo) has tested for radon since 2012 and has found no concerns in any of our schools or buildings. SoWashCo began a new round of testing its school buildings in 2015 and completed tests for all buildings in 2018. When the district started its first round of testing, its plan met industry standards of taking samples from various high-frequency, ground level rooms. In 2018, the decision was made to expand the testing to include all high-frequency rooms, not just samples from some rooms. This will be the standard into the future as buildings are retested on their scheduled timelines. 

We are committed to being fully transparent in this issue, as the safety of our staff and students is our top priority.

Below are district reports on 2020 radon testing and results that were given to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Each report explains when and where testing was done at each building. The reports also include the level of radon detected. The state requires schools to take corrective action for any room that tests above 4pCi/L or picocuries per liter. No SoWashCo schools have tested above this threshold. 

*Accessible versions of the reports are available upon request.