In October 2018, the School Board approved the creation of a Long-Range Facility Planning Process, The following timeline includes general information about planning, community input and ultimately funding sources.

Long-Range Facilities Timeline
Long-Range Facilities Timeline

The School Board approves creation of a long-range facility planning process to identify enrollment projections, building capacity calculations, community growth plans and to collect data.

A steering committee of administrators is created to gather input from stakeholders to help make a final recommendation to the superintendent

2018 OCT

March-Aug. 2019 The Steering Committee reviewed and collected enrollment projections, building capacities, community growth plans and other important data.

2019 MARCH

June-Sept. 2019 Interviews were conducted with principals, department leaders, choice program providers and other internal stakeholders to determine current and projected use for student learning.

2019 JUNE

A task force of staff and community members (35+) is created to review enrollment projections, building capacity calculations, community growth plans and collect data in order to provide input on construction options.

2019 AUG

Hold focus groups to gather input from advisory groups, school staff and city decision-makers.

2020 FEB

Explore financing options to help fund growth needs.

2020 MARCH

Finalize secondary and district site construction options; finalize elementary construction options.

May-June 2020:Hold community input sessions to review the construction options and provide feedback to help the steering committee finalize a recommendation for the superintendent.

2020 MAY

Potential bond referendum election.

2021 FEB