Our mission is to “ignite a passion for lifelong learning,” and we take that mission very seriously. Igniting a passion in every student is a lofty goal that requires an individualized approach to the education of our students. We have a dedicated and talented staff that is committed to helping every student succeed in finding their passion. I know that choosing a school and school system is one of the most important decisions families make. I am confident that the South Washington County Schools will exceed your expectations.

In years past, parents sent their children to school and the school personnel went about the business of education without much communication or collaboration. Today we understand that without a strong partnership with our parents and community members we cannot fully prepare our students for the careers and experiences that await them after graduation. We welcome your participation in helping us to educate the over 18,000 students that attend our PreK-12 schools along with the students who are part of our early childhood education and adult continuing educational programs.

Every year students enter our schools full of hope, curiosity and expectations for their future successes. I have a picture in my office of my son on the first day of school when he was in the first grade. As I look at his smiling face I see his hopes and dreams communicated in his expression. As a parent and educator I know how important it is to maintain the excitement of learning in our students. For this reason, our mission to “ignite a passion” in our students is not an idle phrase, it is a commitment we make to you and to our students. I am also full of optimism, hope and expectations of success for all of our students. Welcome to the South Washington County School District. We are glad you are here.


Keith Jacobus, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Keith Jacobus