Superintendent's Advisory Committee

The council is meant to allow for open communication and feedback between the Superintendent and stakeholders on current and future issues. The council is comprised of community members, parents, staff and students. It is requested that participants make a commitment to participate for 2 school years.

The Superintendent’s Advisory Council will consist of the following representation:
12 Parents (two from each city within the district if possible); 3 Administrators (one from each level of the district); 3 Teachers (one from each level of the district); 3 Staff Representatives (from various employee groups); 8 Student Representatives (when possible, two from each high school); Rotating Cabinet members will serve as ex-officio members of the committee. Additional members will be added when needed by the Superintendent through a vote of the council membership.

The Superintendent’s Advisory Council will be selected on the following basis:
Initial internal and external members will be selected by an application process. If no internal members step forward, the Superintendent will consult with the administration to find individuals to fill the various openings for sufficient district representation.

Once selected committee members will determine their involvement for a minimum of two years. All representatives, with the exception of student reps, will serve for two years.  
Terms for new members will begin on July 1 of each year.

Contact Dayna Pottratz, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board, with any questions or if you are interested in serving on the committee.